Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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At Home With Natuzzi ft. PJ Natuzz

SceneHome presents ‘At Home with Natuzzi’, a new series that explores the people and ideas behind the renowned Italian furniture brand’s contemporary Mediterranean lifestyle.

Karim Abdullatif

Whether it’s unveiling statement furniture at an ultra-exclusive party in Milan or representing sustainability through quality rather than greenwashing, Pasquale Junior Natuzzi - also known as PJ Natuzzi - has dedicated his career to serving as the creative mind shaping the contemporary vision of Italy’s largest furniture brand, Natuzzi.

Founded by his father Pasquale Natuzzi, the family’s brand has been sitting at the pinnacle of furniture design for decades. Today, PJ is on an unending quest to push boundaries even further, spearheading its evolution and setting the standard for furniture design around the world as Natuzzi’s Creative Director and CMO.

Inside Natuzzi’s flagship store in Milan, we joined PJ as he walked us through the company’s rich history, just as their latest furniture collection ‘Comfortness - A Declaration of Intent’ was put on display during Milan Design Week.

The collection featured the works of renowned designers and studios such as Studio BIG, Enrique Marti and Simone Bonnani, each interpreting comfort through form and texture. The collection is a recent example of the brand’s approach, wherein they invite creatives from different walks of life to contribute to its modern expressions.

Building on decades of design heritage, PJ has placed a spirit of novelty at the heart of Natuzzi’s contemporary endeavours. Relying on harmony and empathy as core values, each design and collection adds to the brand’s story and to PJ’s vision of a comprehensive ‘Mediterranean lifestyle’, inspired by Natuzzi’s Puglian cultural roots.

For now, Natuzzi caters to the Mediterranean Lifestyle through their proven furniture design and curated spaces. Given PJ’s pace, that lifestyle will certainly expand dramatically with each creative project the brand undergoes.

Photography Credit: Natuzzi Italia


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