Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Russian Artist Asks AI to Envision Modern Mansion by the Pyramids

Live a contemporary fantasy in the midst of ancient Egyptian mystery.

Karim Abdullatif

If there’s anything we can learn from these ultra viral visuals is that while artificial intelligence can craft a contemporary house by the Giza Pyramids, only humans can get the proportions of the Giza Pyramids right.

Maria Dudkina, a Russian AI artist who explores architectural fantasies, decided to envision a modern mansion in the heart of the Giza Plateau. While Midjourney, the tool used to create these images, didn’t get the pyramids quite right (some of them appear crooked), it did manage to visualise Dudkina’s design intentions.

Life in this fictional home starts by stepping out into the terrace, only to realise that the house has a sphinx head attached to it. The head informs the sloped side of the house, complementing the pyramids, while the other side appears like a modernist two story villa with a dream-like swimming pool.


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