Sunday June 16th, 2024
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SODIC/Imagine Envisions Karim El Hayawan’s Futuristic Study Room

The acclaimed artist and interior architect imagines a space that blends the culture of the past with the spirit of the future.

Karim Abdullatif

Regardless of your walk of life, a stylish study room is on everybody’s dream home bucket list. This includes Karim El Haywan, a renowned Egyptian artist, photographer and interior architect, who asked real estate developer SODIC’s AI engine, ‘SODIC/Imagine’, to visualise a futuristic home library hosting a vintage book collection.

As part of their campaign, SODIC invites anyone and everyone to visit their website, where you will be able to type in your ideal living space as a text-to-image prompt. So, how do you imagine living in the future? For El Hayawan, it’s a mode of living that blends the culture of the past while embracing the spirit of the future.

SODIC/Imagine’s AI engine created contemporary study rooms with various openings, including massive floor-to-ceiling windows and perforations in organic ceiling designs. These openings catered to El Hayawan’s prompt, which asked for an ever-changing experience of light. The result is fun and dynamic shadows that dance about throughout the day.

El Hayawan’s study room features vintage books within the futuristic space, wherein technology enables their pages to miraculously be projected midair. It’s a fusion of technology and culture, which, according to El Hayawan, reflects who we are.

El Hayawan felt that the AI’s interpretation must have been informed by the architecture of ‘Ex Machine’, a film set in a house in Norway. The house is characterised by its variety of glass openings, which dictate various atmospheres, and happened to be the home of a programmer who tests an AI to see if it can pass off as a human. Who knows? Maybe it can.

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