These Conceptual Bubble Houses Rest on a Rocky Cliff in Ireland

Covered with pink blossoms, Egyptian designer Sarah Habib rendered this rocky cliff in Ireland with surprisingly functional bubble houses all along it.

By Karim Abdullatif


Whether you’re popping them while relaxing in a bubble bath after a long day or intentionally attempting to spoil your nephew’s night by poking at them midair, there’s a certain type of joy that only soap bubbles bring. Egyptian architect Sarah Habib designed a render that depicts a series of bubbles making one big, odd and interesting home resting on a rocky cliff in Ireland, which is covered with pink blossoms.

“They include two living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms, which makes them suitable for an entire family,” Habib tells #SceneHome. Despite looking fantastical, ‘The Bubble House’  is planned with functionality in mind.

“At ocean level you access glass spiral stairs that lead to the first bubble’s entrance,” Habib says. “From there you can reach the rest of the bubbles through glassy bridges.”

With lighting, furniture and circulation (somehow) mapped out in this ingeniously satisfying to look at concept, doesn’t this look like a house in the metaverse?


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