Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Designer Furniture Every Contemporary Home Needs

Whether it’s interior designers crafting products, or product designers putting their specialization into delightful forms, here is a diverse selection of designer furniture that fit the visual needs.

Karim Abdullatif

Many say that homes are curated and not designed, and although some architects and interior designers might beg to differ, there’s logic in the notion. From pouffes  wrapped by the key of life, to colour shifting coffee tables, we’ve compiled a list of furniture designed by Egyptian interior and product designers that range in shape, form and function, taking full advantage of the local design renaissance to make you feel like you live in a truly contemporary home.

Senu Ottoman by Yasmina Makram

The interior design studio is well renowned for their elegant interior designs and well curated spaces. While their furniture choices need no second guessing, sometimes, they create their own. Inspired by the curvature of Pharaonic seating, this one-off piece is ultimately, ergonomic. Shaped after the human body it presents itself as a refined depiction of balance to the body, eye and space.

Hippie Chair by Caliber

Hippie, which can also be called Hippy, depending on how intimate you’d like to get to it, was designed to feel like one big warm hug. With a generous lounging space, it encourages you to lay back and relax. Meanwhile, tan velvet definitely makes a compelling case for its cosiness, it is also available in Faux finish for an extra bit of fluff.

Prism Coffee Table by Form the Studio

Form, the interior and product design studio, makes some of the most mesmerising mirrors. While the aesthetic is close, this product serves a completely different function. Prism Coffee Table is part of their Fluidity series which explores natural forms. Shifting in its colour depending on the light subjected on it, it could go from sky blue to purple, adding some versatile hues to your space.

Apep Side Table by Don Tanani

If you’ve been following Don Tanani, you’ll know that they are on a mission to reimagine what Ancient Egyptian furniture would look like if the civilization itself went on to live till the present day. Avoiding iconography and going instead with forms abstracted from mythology, their Duality collection was designed by Lina Al Orabi. The Apep side table depicts the serpent Lord of Chaos with chaotic coils that endlessly revolve around a vortex. Inlaid with camel bone, the table is agile and elegant and is made of solid oak that has been oxidised.

The Kova Coffee Table by Ami Interiors

Ami Interiors took a different approach to using marble and stones, rather than on walls, it’s through furniture like the Kova coffee table which is made out of travertine stone. Round and with slightly pointed legs, the table says “natural aesthetics” with one bulky tone.

The Ankh Chair by Shosha Kamal Design House

Made out of pure brass, The Ankh chair is but a sample of Shosha Kamal’s adoration with ancient Egypt. In her strive to contemporize Ancient Egypt’s iconic symbolism, she crafted The Ankh, a pouffe that is wrapped by the key of life, a representation of eternal life in Ancient Egypt.

Hassan Fathy Chairs by Alamein

Designed after the late Egyptian pioneer of modern architecture, the Hassan Fathy chairs act as a reminder of the designs of the past. It’s the unique sense of proportions and scale that made the pioneer’s work timeless, and these chairs are reminiscent of such brilliance.

Pyramid Side Table by Talata
Contemporary spaces are all about their geometry, and the Pyramid side tables are all about clean and lean lines that are formed as a triangle carrying the round wooden table top.

Felucca by Konkarv

Carved and concocted as part of their overall philosophy of creating furniture by applying architectural principles and outlines, it comes as no surprise that the Felucca clearly has the form of a boat with linear engravings. It’s safe to assume that it swings.


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