Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Kahhal Looms Release Limited Edition Artistic Kilims

Egyptian fashion designer Alia Abaza and artist Hady Boraey meet to create the hand-painted and embroidered pieces.

Karim Abdullatif

If handmade kilims can be made any better, they’d be painted and embroidered with whimsical art. That’s what happened when Kahhal Looms, the expert Egyptian carpet weavers, teamed up with fashion designer Alia Abaza and artist Hady Boraey to create the charming ‘DayDreamer’ pieces.

A year and a half in the making, the limited edition tapestries encapsulated the essence of nostalgia, love and childhood wonder through Abaza’s intricate hand embroidery and Boraey captivating painting. To celebrate the launch, a cosy exhibition was held at Villa Magenta in Heliopolis, where guests enjoyed a Ramadan suhoor while admiring the tapestries up close, and appreciating the beauty, craftsmanship, and storytelling woven into each piece.

“I wanted to blend art and embroidery to create exquisite tapestries that posses an artistic edge,” Abaza tells #SceneHome. “Hady was the first artist that came to my mind because his art was the perfect fit. Each tapestry in the collection has its own story depicted in artistic details and vibrant colours.”

Upon completion, the pieces featured stunning and romantic imagery, with embroidery adding a new dimension such as clouds and collars. But creating the canvases was no easy task. “Finding the perfect blend of materials and weaving techniques posed a challenge for us as we took on this collaboration,” Mohammed El Kahhal explains. “We needed to ensure that Hady could paint on the material while allowing Alia to embroider seamlessly,” he adds.

‘Day Dreamer’ isn’t just about art, or design, or even fashion; it’s a reminder of the magic that happens when different talents come together to create something meaningful that’s both relatable and inspiring.


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