Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Local Furniture Brand Casa Designs Unveils Nature-Inspired Collection

‘A Timeless Valley’ features 21 pieces that draw their colour, shape and form from the Egyptian outdoors.

Karim Abdullatif

Inspiration comes easily when you’re surrounded by the landscapes of Marsa Alam on Egypt’s Red Sea coast. With its latest 21-piece collection, ‘A Timeless Valley’, Egyptian furniture brand Casa Designs pays homage to the natural beauty of the nation’s eastern coast.

“Elements were inspired by vernacular architecture, carvings reminiscent of bygone eras and the timeless beauty of the region, and seamlessly interwoven into the collection’s aesthetic,” Ahmed Abozeid, Founder of Casa Designs, tells SceneHome. Functioning both indoors and outdoors, and exceling for spaces in between, the collection includes everything from outdoor and dining sets, to statement chairs, modular sofas and coffee and side tables.

“It draws inspiration from the rugged landscapes and tranquil oasis,” Abozeid says. “The contrast between harsh terrains and gentle valleys is embodied in the pieces. Just as a valley nurtures life within its folds, each item in the collection exudes life through intricate craftsmanship and thoughtful design.”

The ‘Kurt Armchair’ was crafted with black oak, and features leather padding and plush cotton upholstery. The ‘Pylon Side Table’, meanwhile, features an off-white lacquered finish complemented by a tinted glass top. The ‘Flute Bench’ makes for a fitting piece in foyers with its tube-shaped seat pads and sophisticated chevron off-white fabric.

“With each piece, we invite you to lose track of time and immerse yourself in the ageless beauty of nature,” Abozeid explains. “As you welcome these creations into your space, you’re also inviting the legacy of the valley to become a part of your home and story.”

The collection is an artistic testament to the intricate threads that weave together history and nature, all while having an earthy palette with cool tones. “The palette was carefully selected to create tranquil and inviting ambiances,” Abozeid says. “Each material elevates the overall aesthetic of each piece.”

‘A Timeless Valley’ was designed to transport users into a serene state of mind, where smart design, effortless elegance and natural beauty meet. In a way, it brings the tranquillity of the valley that inspired it into the home.

Photography Credit: Casa Designs


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