Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Mobica Introduces Home & Business Line at The Design Show Expo 2024

To showcase the new Mobica Live line, Mobica has set up a booth at The Design Show Expo 2024 designed by TDF+.

John Bichara

In 1979, Mobica embarked on a mission to transform the office furniture industry in Egypt. Over the years, the company has grown to become a trusted partner and one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the Middle East, catering for a wide range of interior and exterior needs. This week, during The Design Show Expo 2024, Mobica announced the launch of Mobica Live, a new segment designed for residential spaces and contract businesses.

Mobica’s journey began with a focus on office furniture, but as its customer base expanded, so did their requirements. Responding to these evolving needs, Mobica broadened its product portfolio, positioning itself as a comprehensive One-Stop-Shop. This strategic shift ensures that clients can find solutions for all their design and furnishing needs under one roof, simplifying the process and ensuring professional execution within agreed budgets and timeframes.

The introduction of Mobica Live marks Mobica’s entry into the residential and hospitality furniture markets. This new segment offers a wide array of options designed to meet the diverse demands of modern living and hospitality environments. From luxurious residential furnishings to functional and stylish hospitality solutions, Mobica Live aims to provide versatile and high-quality options.

Mobica’s integrated approach allows clients to work with a single entity from consultation to installation, ensuring a cohesive and efficient experience. The company applies its extensive industry experience to its project management model, collaborating closely with consulting engineers, interior designers, contractors, and facility managers to deliver projects on time and to specification.

To showcase the new Mobica Live line, Mobica has set up a booth at The Design Show Expo 2024 designed by TDF+. Visitors can explore the latest offerings and learn how Mobica Live can meet their specific needs, with Mobica’s team available to provide insights and answer questions.


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