Monday May 27th, 2024
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Side Tables to Complete Your Contemporary Space

Many ignore side tables and keep them at the very end when curating a space, but they’re heavily relied upon.

Karim Abdullatif

They may be small, unsung heroes of furniture, but side tables are essential to every living space, heroically holding up our coffee mugs, tv remotes and magazines while their big brothers, the coffee table, stay nice and pretty as the centrepieces. Here are some decorative side tables by Egyptian brands that will add just the right accents to your space.

Origami by HAF

There’s a universal appeal to the art behind origami, and in natural walnut veneer, furniture design studio HAF displays its neat folding techniques.

Calatini by Art of Form

With wild splashes of colour glazed onto ceramic creations, Art of Form presents side tables that really look best in a bundle.

Mother of Pearl by Maward

Tradition flows through almost every Egyptian home, and tables are no exception. Presenting Mother of Pearl and turtle shells in abstraction, Maward created traditional tables in a variety of colours.

Veneto by Third Space

Who said that black and white can’t be lively? The Veneto side table, which can be found at Third Space in Zamalek, proves otherwise with its patterned design in Italian wood veneer.

Bondoka & Drum by Caravanserai

With an air of nativity, Caravanserai’s Bondoka and Drum side tables look exactly as their name would suggest. Hand-made with brass, the table variants come shaped as a hazelnut (Bondoka) and a slightly larger drum, with a bird connecting their legs.

N by Meraki

Alright, if we’re going to throw everything on our side tables they might as well come equipped with a magazine holder. Like the N side table by Meraki, which has a V-shaped wedge that allows it to hold a book, while keeping the top free for your coffee mug.

Blue Swan by Rofoof

While Mother of Pearl is often associated with traditional design, Rofoof is a furniture design studio that often uses the material alongside refreshing colourways. Here they depict a blue swan in a side table with a detachable top made of mother of pearl and glossy beech wood.

Pyramid by Talata

It’s safe to assume that your space wouldn’t be contemporary if it lacked clear geometry. And that’s exactly what the Pyramid side table is all about, with its beech wooden top and a black metal base creating a straightforward triangle.

Duck by Nineteen

Using fibreglass to fashion a curvy body and tinted glass on the top, the Duck side table is meant to play with the lights subjected on it and create pretty unique shadows as it was designed by Osama Makharetta for Nineteen Furniture.


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