This Crisp Render Gives Contemporary Stairs a Real Step Up

We think that this may well be the most aesthetic staircase we’ve come across. To the point that it doesn’t really matter if it's slip resistant.

By Karim Abdullatif


There’s freedom in visualizations, producing aesthetics without necessarily being tied down to guidelines and fundamentals. The very best renders, however, convince the eye that what it’s seeing is natural and would work in reality as is. That’s the case for this surprisingly attractive staircase designed by Mahmoud Omar, an architect and 3D visualizer, who not only designed stairs that would fit it in any contemporary home, but also produced its render with crisp cinematic quality.

It's one thing to opt for using single wooden slabs bolted into the walls as your staircase, and it’s a completely different game to have these same slaps undulate. Neat and fair in their complexion, these wooden steps are arranged in the sort of morphology that just keeps getting more visually pleasing to look at from every angle. Would you opt for these audaciously good looking conceptual stairs when moving into a new home?


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