Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Own a Piece of London: Regal London’s Property Showcase Comes to Egypt

From February 22nd to February 24th, four upscale developments near central London will be offered to Egyptians.

Karim Abdullatif

Ignore the headlines and the doomsaying for a moment, and turn your eyes towards the possibilities laying before you at the heart of London. At once a sophisticated business hub, a kernel of imperial history and an investment opportunity - with statistical studies showing property values doubling every 10 years - Central London is an opportunity waiting to be seized, and award-winning developer Regal London is offering one such unmissable opportunity to Egyptians with the arrival of their London Property Showcase in West Cairo on February 22nd and the 23rd, and East Cairo on February 24th.

The property showcase unfurls a wealth of investment opportunities for Egyptians in one of the world’s most stable real estate markets. As property values in London are bolstered by foreign investors, who own 40% of the real estate in the capital, Egyptian buyers can open a bank account once they’ve procured a local address. Property prices start at £300,000 for unit types ranging from studios to single, double and triple-bedroom apartments. Investors can also receive up to 60% mortgage financing (subject to affordability) and a mortgage plan for up to 25 years, with up to 5% rental yield and straightforward payment plans whether they are ready to move in immediately or at a later date.

Four upscale developments near Central London will be on display throughout the course of the property showcase, each of which is enfolded within a thriving community near renowned universities and businesses. “Many say that London is a series of villages,” Jacob  Sullivan, the Sales and Marketing Director at Regal London, tells SceneHome. “Hence each of our new developments are designed to fit in with the local vernacular - unique, modern but paying homage to its surroundings.”Regal London, with 25 years of experience and 37 awards under its belt, stands as a stalwart among London’s leading residential developers, boasting an integrated in-house construction business, with expertise spanning across all development stages that ensure a flawless finish to their projects. Their focus lies in developing bespoke upscale residential projects strategically located 15 minutes away from central London, promising not only favourable rental yields but also capital appreciation over time, catering to investors looking to preserve their wealth, students and young professionals in search of the next step in their career, and families hoping to settle down in one of the most stable urban destinations in the world.

You can sign up for a one-to-one meeting at the London Property Showcase in London by clicking here and filling out this form.


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