Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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SODIC Invites Us to Unleash Our Imaginations With AI

The leading real estate developer intends to become the first developer in Egypt to integrate AI in its future projects.

Karim Abdullatif

Ever wondered what architecture will look like in the future, or how our homes, offices and public spaces will be shaped? With artificial intelligence coming to the forefront as a tool for visual design, and text-to-image applications giving life to fantastical architecture, the leading Egyptian real estate developer SODIC has launched ‘SODIC/Imagine by the future’, giving everyone access to imagine and explore their future living spaces.

“We’re proud to be at the forefront of this exciting new chapter in the world of AI. We’re inviting everyone to break all boundaries and imagine their ideal reality,” Ayman Amer, General Manager at SODIC, tells #SceneHome. “SODIC isn’t just about building homes, it’s about creating innovative communities inspired by people. We’re excited to see the outcome and integrate some of the imaginations within our Next-Gen developments.”

The process is straightforward: visit, type in your vision for an ideal space and see it manifested. SODIC/Imagine will share your visions on their website, allowing your imagination to inspire others. SODIC intends to become the first developer in Egypt to use AI in the development of its future projects, blending the real and dream worlds together.

Stay tuned as we explore the results of some of the biggest names in the fields of art, creative direction, design and architecture, as well as your own visions. So, imagine.


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