Monday July 22nd, 2024
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GLC Paints’ ‘Hues of the Future’ at Cairo Design Week

Six Egyptian designers go back to the future inside the historic Ghernata Palace, aka the Heliopolis Hippodrome.

Karim Abdullatif

GLC Paints’ ‘Hues of the Future’ at Cairo Design Week

Once known as the Heliopolis Hippodrome, the historic Ghernata Palace hosted the launch of GLC Paints’ 2024 colour trends during the 2nd edition of Cairo Design Week. Titled ‘Hues of the Future’, the exhibition featured the work of six Egyptian designers who were all asked to envision ‘home’ 100 years from now. The results were open, nature-oriented and strikingly nostalgic.

Ha-beit’a by Yasmina Makram

Opening up to its surroundings, Yasmina Makram’s pavilion, ‘Ha-beit’a’, was envisioned as a nature-inspired communal space with multiple openings that shower the space with daylight. Each corner of Makram’s organic design is unique in its curvature, resulting in a flamboyant and bright living space.

Reserva 77 by Mohamed Fares

If films tackling the future have taught us anything, then it’s that there’s an ongoing theme when it comes to design with architecture being bold and interiors nostalgic. That notion of wanting to hold on to the past in the future applies on Fares’s Reserva 77, where he curated a collection of vintage art and mementos and placed them within refined spaces designed to find the right balance between the past and present.

Red and reflective from outside, Reserva 77 featured items from the designer’s private collection, as a mashrabiya-inspired lattice spilled patterns all over the interior.

Brutifully Forward by Nehal Leheta and Karim El Hayawan

Also carefully considering the balance between utopian and dystopian futures, Nehal Leheta and Karim El Hayawan from Design Point looked outwards to achieve a genuine concept of community and symbiosis with nature. Wanting to avoid an exclusionary future, their ‘Brutifully Forward’ concept showcased artworks from Le Lab, built a communal dining table crafted by Chef Mirette and living spaces hosting furniture from R’kan collection.

Casino Central by Soha Omar and Nedal Badr

The landscape design connecting each pavilion was brought to life by Khaled El Wakeel from The Flower Bar. The ‘Hues of the Future’ was anchored by Design Zone’s ‘Casino Central’, where designers Soha Omar and Nedal Badr offered a playful interpretation of the cafe experience, whether it’s through the enigmatic entrance, or the alluring blue that covered the outdoor spaces.

GLC Paints’ 2024 colour trends were also displayed in its variety through Jimmy Gami’s origami horse head sculptures.


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