Getting Curvy in This Organic Summerhouse Render

Adham Shawki, founder of Morpholio Design Studio, created visuals that are easy on the eye with roundness.

By Karim Abdullatif


While seaside aesthetics are peaking with sleek modern lines that are, at times, borderline edgy, there’s a certain kind of comfort only found in organic pieces of architecture. Like this summerhouse render by Adham Shawki, founder of Morpholio Design Studio, who recently completed the production design of Egyptian rapper Moscow’s latest music video ‘Msh Shayfak’.

“Escaping from urban environment of cities is what most people seek at their summerhouses,” Shawki tells #SceneHome. The essence of refuge led the designer to create this organic form which is derived from nature’s round forms and materials. “Organic architecture has an amorphous form that makes it visually relaxing.”


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