Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Studio M6 Recreate the Natural Brilliance of a Vacation Home in Brazil

Escape to the landscapes of South East Brazil in these crisp visualisations of a family’s getaway home.

Karim Abdullatif

Overlooking an endless expanse of greenery, ‘RN Residence’ is a pavilion-like home designed by Sao Paulo-based architecture firm, Jacobsen Arquitectura, in Itaúna, Brazil. Intrigued by its vast and open elevations, Cairo-based visualisation studio, Studio M6, recreated the design’s lines and natural palette.

“Our goal was to obtain the visuals of such a strong composition,” Founder Mohab Bedeir tells SceneHome. The residence was designed as a family’s vacation home on the edge of a large dam, providing plenty of scenic landscapes. “The design stands out due to the integration between nature and architecture.”

Developed around a native tree, the project features a courtyard framed by a spatial configuration that ensures all rooms have broad views of the outdoors. “The visuals complement the idea of indulging in nature and natural lighting, which enters the spaces throughout the day due to huge openings,” Bedeir adds.

“You’ll see that all the materials used are environmentally friendly and integrate well with the surroundings,” he continues. A wooden deck was created under the tree canopy, connecting the house with its garden. Granite covers portions of the walls and floors, while Freijó wood is applied to the ceiling as an ode to the typical Brazilian farmhouse.


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