Monday July 22nd, 2024
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The Nest by Senora Wins at the World Architecture Festival Award

Located just 30-minutes from Dubai, the retreat was amongst the winners of the Architecture/Realized category.

Rana Gabr

Located at the heart of the Margham desert in the UAE, The Nest by Senora was announced amongst the winners of the Architecture/Realized category during the 47th Cycle of the World Architecture Festival Award.

Designed by Dubai-based architect Gianni Ranaulo to be a blissful getaway amidst the desert sands, the Nest was launched at the Arabian travel market in 2022. The design concept was inspired by the desert dunes, and incorporated innovative design with eco-friendly ideals.

Each of the 14 nests evolves into a circular layout flowing with the natural contours of the desert blending within the surrounding sands. Inside, the furniture is customised to optimise use of space allowing for enhanced functionality and comfort. Windows are positioned strategically to allow the natural light to fuse  indoor and outdoor spaces. Locally sourced stone and ceramic finishes are used for the ensuite bathrooms, incorporating water-saving technologies to achieve a harmonious fusion of sustainable design and contemporary luxury.


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