Scenti's Sensual Diffusers Gives Total Aromatic Control Over Your Home

With their sleekly designed diffusers, Scenti gives homeowners the same ability to control the aroma of a room that they’ve offered businesses since 2015.

By Menna Shanab


Smell is the most powerful sense receptor. It’s right next to the part of your brain that’s associated with memories, and always mucks about with our ability to make decisions more than anything else. It’s why salespeople always bake cookies when they try to sell you a house - nothing will make you feel at home more than the smell of home. Scenti is an Egyptian company that capitalizes on that mighty psychological voodoo with their unique range of scent diffusers. Their state-of-the-art essential oil diffusers have been catering to the needs of businesses,  and now they’re moving on to our homes.

Scenti took off in 2015, introducing Egypt to the concept of scent enhancement—a marketing technology never before seen in the country. They helped serve the needs of businesses like Four Seasons Nile Plaza, City Stars, Nile Ritz-Carlton, and Park St., using scent the same way design studios use shapes and colours. Their customised aromas - distributed into any given room using slender diffusers - help form a signature bond between a consumer and a brand.

For Founder & CEO Mohamed Sahmoud, Scenti was born out of a desire to capture the evocative power of smell and share it with the world. “I love perfumes, beauty and wellbeing,” he tells SceneHome. “One day I encountered this amazing combination in a flick of a second. I entered a hotel lobby and was utterly mesmerized by its scent. It wasn’t just a scent, it was an experience. My first impression was of an air flow that gave me a 360 degrees experience, I just said wow. In a heartbeat my vision and mission became clear, to pass this experience on to everyone, to help create new memories that bring exciting associations.”

In 2020, Scenti diversified a bit, offering a new line of diffusers designed for personal spaces. “I’ve always wanted to bring the experience to homes, and that required extensive R&D,” Sahmoud says. “When it comes to your home, it’s the scent you choose to envelop yourself in - the scent of your space. It completes the elements of design: the architecture, the interior, the furniture choice and ambiance music, then comes the signature scent that completes the circle.”

Scenti allows homeowners to experiment with their selection of fragrances, or develop their own unique signature essence. The diffusers themselves are available in Titanium Silver, Pitch Black, Luxury Gold, and Rose Gold - an extravagant contrast to the more subtle diffusers designed for businesses, such as their tower diffuser or their pot-shaped diffuser, which is fashioned after a plant to covertly pump out fragrances. By bringing in sleekly-designed that can complement any space, blending seamlessly into the home and enhancing it visually as well as aromatically, Scenti gives homeowners the ability to control their space down to every last detail.


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