Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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How This New Cairo Villa Uses Colour to Create Comfort Out of Contrast

In New Cairo, Volu Studios created interiors by effortlessly combining colours in a harmonious palette, and assigning greenery to bring an air of peace and calm to the indoors.

Karim Abdullatif

When it comes to interior design, colour is more than part of the finish, more than a way to match elements of a space. Colour can dictate a mood; it can tell a story. This New Cairo home is a thesis statement in colour theory, with interiors that are so harmonious, you wouldn’t notice the subtle changes in colour as you stroll through the carefully considered spaces of this three-story family residence. With a 2,200 sqm area to play with, Naira Omar - head of interior design and co-founder at Volu Studios - contemplated how colour palettes both cater to clients’ tastes while instilling them with certain mindsets. “The interiors had to cater to the inhabitants’ spirit and mind, from the decorations and lighting to the natural features,” Omar tells #SceneHome.

Upon entry, white-and-gold veined black marble flooring precedes a serene scene, where sun rays pass through the natural curves of wild rock formations. Beyond, the hues get more relaxed as you are greeted by flamboyant vegetation, juxtaposed by arches with golden highlights.

Omar founded the studio in 2020, along with head of execution Bassem El Zamel. Keen on facilitating effortless living experiences for their clients, they blend deluxe design solutions with a stellar finishing quality. In this case, they have managed to integrate landscaping into the architecture of these living spaces.

“Natural elements make the time spent indoors more relaxing, especially in settings that are tuned to your taste and traits,” Omar says. Greenery flourishes in all corners, bringing an air of peace and freshness. All of this is exemplified with a tree that corners a floor-level seating arrangement with muted green cushions.

As you wander to the left, an open kitchen and dining space takes you to a new space with predominantly white palette, along with a faded gold gradient on the wall and black presenting itself on the rug and sleek legs of the kitchen island stools. All the contrast, meanwhile, is left for an abstract painting that salutes the space with colour.

“Colour schemes dictate how comforting the design will be,” Omar explains. While the ground floor’s living room maintains the hints of faded greens as a homage to the natural approach, the first floor’s living room is an ideal showcase of the notion of comfortable visuals. Clean, and clear, lines establish a balanced and symmetrical setting that combines nuanced curvatures with smooth textures in harmony. They’re facilitated by an effortless colour combination that journeys from the rather, darker shade of brown wall paddings and passes through gold - whether it is the wall strips or hidden lights - to get to crème.

Despite its recent founding, Volu Studios has 70 residential and commercial projects in seven countries already under its belt. With Omar conceptualising these premium interiors and El Zamel immaculately bringing them to life, the firm has its goals set on becoming a leading firm that sets its own standards with the start of 2022.


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