Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Summer Spectrum: Colourful Coastal Design by Hany Saad Innovations

Capturing the essence of summertime, this renowned design firm used a variety of popping colours to give this home its spirit.

Karim Abdullatif

To many, summer is more than just a season; it’s a state of mind where the grass is greener, the sky is bluer, and we never want the day to end. Hany Saad Innovations, the renowned Cairo-based design firm, has managed to encapsulate that passionate essence of summer in colour, covering the neat spaces of this Hacienda Red summerhouse at the North Coast with a palette that evokes desire and playfulness.

“The homeowner desired a calm ambiance and a creative manifestation of the energy commonly associated with summer,” Founder Hany Saad tells #SceneHome. They applied a wide spectrum of colours on artsy furniture and sculptures, while a skylight on the second floor evokes a sense of transcendence. Entering through a subtle doorway, the design approach is clear in communicating tranquillity as a new form of muted luxury.

With ample space, the entrance is left blank like a canvas, where the staircase separated by multicolour glass by Decorative Glass becomes an unlikely piece of art. “The terrazzo staircase is unique in the way that it scatters beautiful colours while being accompanied by a blossoming plant,” he says of the captivating, orange staircase by Tiles Egypt.

Inside, every corner echoes summertime joy distinctively, like the red hot geometric sculptures that spread their vibrance in the corners and mark the interior’s open spaces. In the living room, the soothing colours of Art of Form’s furniture blend with tables from Moroso and Papadatos, all placed on a sophisticated flooring that features a geometric overlay of marble that presents the familiar, luxurious feel of natural stone in creative arrangements.

A feature wall is covered in glass mosaics depicting peacock eyespots, further adding to the many aesthetic layers. “Green provides a sense of freedom, drawing the homeowner in with its natural look while calm shades of blue nurture the soul,” Saad says. “It’s a multisensory experience that aims to blur the boundaries between dream and reality.”

Pointing beyond the walls of the house, Saad says, “Outdoors, the landscape goes out of scale with artworks and meandering greenery, creating an unusual relaxing spot.” This picturesque scene has the landscape interweaving its pure colours with the clear-cut lines of the house. Red hot chairs by Vondom, who’ve furnished the entire back yard with dynamic pieces, orchestrate a visual symphony with their curvatures. “Blue waters and lush greenery complement the abode’s architecture, seamlessly bringing the pop of red and orange into a tranquil scene,” he adds. 

Since its inception, HSI has constantly managed to innovatively incorporate materials and colours in their designs. In this coastal residence it was more of the same, except the hues had their heat turned up a bit, combining warm and energetic tones to inspire the design’s identity. Not only does it add drama but also creates depth, making time spent in it all the more sensorial.

Photography Credit: Nour El Refai


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