Egyptian Design Chosen for Dubai Design Week’s Abwab 2021 Pavilion

A desert-inspired, sustainable design by Cairo-born firm, Sharbassy BES, will take centre stage at a feature of Dubai Design Week that aims to spotlight regional talent.

By Karim Abdullatif


Finding inspiration in the silky, sandy scapes of the Arabia Desert, Cairo-born research-oriented design studio, Sharabassy Built Environment Studio (BES), has won the commission for ‘Abwab 2021’, an initiative by Dubai Design Week that aims to promote regional talent and cultural exchange in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.

Drawing from the topography of Dubai - where Sharbassy BES also has offices - the conceptual design is conceived to reflect and resemble the organic flow of sand. “We attempted to interpret the shape of sand when it’s in motion by wind and other forces,” founder and seasoned architect, Ahmed Sharabassy, tells #SceneHome. “Our goal was to connect nature and the built environment of the metropolis.”

It’s a task that's much easier said than done, but Sharbassy BES’ operations are deeply research-oriented, and their research not only informs their designs, but sits at the core of any project.

“Our research and development work on material exploration is what led to the sustainable materials used in the pavilion,” Sharabassy explains of an undulating design that is supported by a structure made of robust natural bamboo and translucent cotton canvas. “Bamboo is a fast growing crop, so its abundance makes it an environmentally-friendly material,” he adds. “The design is fully recyclable - whether the individual elements or the structure as a whole, it can be reused.”

Sharabassy BES, which has a third office in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, treads beyond engineering and design services. They work in high-tech design solutions such as virtual/augmented realities and provide early design education - approved by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai - to age groups as young as eight years-old, with the ultimate goal of empowering young minds towards future innovation.

Held from November 8th-13th, and organised by Art Dubai Group, Dubai Design Week is an annual festival celebrating creativity through exhibitions, installations, talks and workshops.


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