Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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SODIC/Imagine Envisions Director Mark Hanna’s Holographic Glass Home

The director looked towards Sci-Fi films for inspirations, and the result would be just right for the likes of Tony Stark.

Karim Abdullatif

If sci-fi is your cup of tea then you probably can’t wait until the moment when holograms allow us to be everywhere all at once. So naturally, this was the first thought that came to mind when Egyptian film director

Mark Hanna was asked to imagine life in the future by real estate developers SODIC.

The request was part of the developers’ SODIC/Imagine campaign, which invites anyone and everyone to visit SODIC’s website to type in their ideal living space as a text-to-image prompt, and watch as their vision comes to being through an AI image generator. So, how do you picture your home in the distant future?

Hanna took his cue from science fiction, visualising an abundance of openings to allow sunlight in. Because, of course, everything in the future would be solar-powered.

SODIC/Imagine’s AI engine created a glass house with open spaces that are covered entirely with holograms, from countertops to mirrors, which Hanna reflects on as a means of changing how we interact with technology. Think of the ease with which Tony Stark managed to create his revolutionary suit with a few hand gestures - now imagine doing that just to prepare your morning coffee.

Visit and explore your futuristic mode of living.


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