Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Town Writers is Creating a New ‘Notion’ of Urban Living in New Cairo

With modern geometric forms by design studio mema/kaia, Notion seeks to provide a fresh urban experience in Fifth Settlement.

John Bichara

Forget about spending an hour and a half driving from Heliopolis to Zamalek for a night out, forget about congested streets that are actively hostile to pedestrians, forget about an urban environment where every other sidewalk has to be hopped over because nobody fixed it - where do you want to start over? Out in the centre of New Cairo is a burgeoning residential community called Notion by Cairo-based developers Town Writers, which seeks to provide a full suburban experience amidst green gardens and fresh air of the Fifth Settlement.

Although it is only minutes away from major road networks like the Ring Road and Suez Road, as well as key locales like the New Administrative Capital, you may be forgiven for mistaking Notion for an isolated community. Planned to be boxed within an enclave of trees, Notion sets itself apart from the urban sprawl, carving out easily walkable and bikeable spaces free from the clutter of city life in favour of public gathering spaces, glittering artificial lakes and even a dedicated pet park. Because what could be more 2024 than needing an excuse to STAY outside?

"'Notion' focuses on individuals above the simple development of urban spaces," Mohamed Abdel-Fattah, CEO of Town Writers, tells SceneHome. "It offers innovative and sustainable solutions that achieve the perfect balance between its economic, social, and environmental aspects, reflecting the company’s vision of raising the standard of living and well-being of its clients."

To that end, Town Writers hired regional design studio mema/kaia to draw up its 828 residential units, which range from standalone villas and townhouses, to studio apartments and three-bedroom apartments. With residential spaces only making up 18% of the total project area, each of the units have been designed to feel like a personalised sanctuary, reflecting Town Writers’ aesthetic identity. Strikingly modern geometric forms greet residents before they are led into the buildings' warm interiors, nearly all of which are bathed with natural light, flooding in through its large, nearly wall-sized windows.


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