Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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The Most Creative Office Spaces in Cairo

Oh what a wonderful workplace! It seems Egypt's leading designers mean business fuelling an office-space revolution...

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Long gone are the drab and dreary office-spaces of the past, where function prevailed over form and it was easier to manifest misery than creativity. Today corporate identity is expressed through workspace design and it seems there's a slew of Cairene companies being their very best selves. Here are just a few of the fiercest....

Trend Micro | Dalia Sadany Designs

At Downtown Cairo’s Greek Campus, a university theatre has been renovated into a modern office rich with regal Ancient Egyptian designs. Custom made marble blocks along with bronze, copper, and metal fill the multipurpose spaces. Machine with exposed steel beams at the centre of the atrium symbolises the driving mechanics of the cyber security workplace. The office won 13 international design awards, with the most recent being the Golden A’Design Award in 2019.

Saudi Egyptian Developers Center | Studio Plus Architects

The freeform grandiose atrium in this New Cairo office is grounded by a tree, which has been planted in the middle of the space to establish an undeniable sense of tranquility. Exterior design shades the glass entrance and adds dynamism to the visual elements of the interior.

Sharkawy & Sarhan Law Firm | Zero31

The Cairo law firm features layered lighting strips and spots by Delta Lighting, which provides an energetic ambiance to the varied seating arrangements. It also allows the space to serve as a host to multiple functions, like the time it served as a shooting location for the Shahid series ‘Leh La’a 2’.

Eva Pharma | Human Nature Design

Located at Giza Plateau right by the Pyramids, the Mezzanine in this office is configured so that every zone gets bright lighting and a spacious, interactive feel. Chairs with charcoal frames and leather seating from Williams Office complement the space with minimally hued industrial design.

Al Ismaelia Head Office | Style Design Architects

Situated in the heart of Downtown Cairo, where Al Ismailia dedicates most of their real estate renovation work to, this office’s design honours the heritage of their surroundings through wall art depicting iconic Downtown buildings such as Cinema Radio. Their walls also include classical panels that emphasise its Golden Age roots.

Jumia HQ | Cube Architects

The interior of this New Cairo office has an orange and yellow colour scheme that reflects the e-commerce brand’s logo, implemented along the HVAC pipes and zigzagged corridors with graduated lighting to offer vibrant circulation around the workplace. The horizontal slats over the windows are digitally designed to provide dynamic ambiance to the entrance.

Red Bull Offices | Eklego Design Studio

An ever changing gallery of Red Bull’s milestones and achievements are layered around the dynamic workspace, paired with artwork that gives the space a refined industrial look, like the inspiring oil painted mural that’s been set in the Cairo office ceiling.

Thndr | Studio Teal

As a platform whose mission is to simplify the act of investing, Thndr’s Maadi office reflects their tendencies with subtle, rich textured design. A mixture of bricks, leather furnishing and wooden ceiling creates a soothing break area, while Thndr’s creative identity is symbolized with a booth built into the wall emblazoned with the phrase, “Think outside the box”.


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